DMDirc 0.7

Posted by Shane McCormack's avatar Shane McCormack on January 25, 2013

It’s been a while since we posted on here, but DMDirc 0.7 was released for download earlier this month on Jan 5th.

You can get it from the usual place, and if you are a Debain/Ubuntu user you can now also get it from our apt repository (details on the downloads page).

A lot of the work in this version has been tidying up (or trying to!) the code base a bit, and fixing bugs rather than adding many new features.

As we appear to have neglected to mention 0.6.7 on the blog, some of the fixes/changes since 0.6.5 include:

(A full list of resolved issues can be obtained from JIRA)

Since 0.6.5 we have also added:

DMDirc has reached a stage were we find ourselves not really needing to tinker with it much or add many new features to it often as it pretty much “just works” for us, however we welcome feedback, suggestions and feature requests from users.

The best way to get in touch would be via our IRC Channel, #DMDirc on Quakenet, or you can comment here or mention us @DMDirc on Twitter.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you enjoy DMDirc 0.7!