Introducing DMDirc

DMDirc is a cross-platform IRC client written in Java. Its features include:

A page with a pencilFree as in speech

The DMDirc source code is available for anyone to download and modify

Pound signFree as in beer

DMDirc doesn't and will never cost anything to download or use

CogActions system

Execute commands when certain events happen, without using a scripting language

Brick with a plus signEasily extendible

Support for plugins, themes and packs of actions to easily extend and customise the client

Colour wheelColourful chat

Support for both mIRC and hex colours, as well as bold, italics and more

Tux, the linux penguinCross platform

Works on Windows, Linux and OS X — anywhere that can run Java!

LightbulbIntelligent behaviour

Intelligent tab completion and link detection makes life easier

Plus signAnd much more…

This isn't all! Why not try DMDirc to see what it can do?


Latest news: DMDirc 0.8 RSS feed icon

DMDirc 0.8 was released on the 27th of February.

This release mostly focused on cleaning up a lot of DMDirc’s internals. This makes the DMDirc code base a lot more maintainable, and is a significant step towards having a stable API for the client which plugins can rely on. Unfortunately this means there are not many user-visible changes this time!

New in 0.8 is a revamped error reporting back-end, which allows the developers to much more easily track and address issues in the client. This will ensure bugs are tracked down and fixed much more quickly in the future.

This release also contains a number of fixes for OS X support, and increases the minimum version of Java that we require from 6 to 7

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