DMDirc 0.6.5

Posted by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith on January 25, 2011

DMDirc 0.6.5 is now available for download. As usual, DMDirc 0.6.5 contains a huge raft of improvements and features from 0.6.4.

Some of the notable new features include:

And of course, many smaller features and lots of enhancements and bug fixes. During the 0.6.5 development cycle we also made the decision to switch to using Jira to track our issues and features; this provides a set of release notes showing the bug fixes and improvements that have been made in 0.6.5 since we switched.

As always, we welcome feedback to #DMDirc on Quakenet, as a comment here, or to @DMDirc on Twitter. We hope you enjoy DMDirc 0.6.5!