DMDirc 0.6

Posted by Shane McCormack's avatar Shane McCormack on September 13, 2008

Edit: It was recently brought to our attention that the OS X version previously released contained a bug that prevented the client from starting. This bug has now been fixed in the version available from Google code, we urge OS X users who previously downloaded and tried to use this version of DMDirc to try again with the fixed version.

After a long period of testing we have finally released DMDirc 0.6, and we think this is the best version of DMDirc to date with over 250 feature additions, bug fixes and other changes, including:

As of DMDirc 0.6 we now support running on more platforms than before: we have installers for Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X and Windows, as well as a standalone Jar file for any other platforms that we don’t currently provide an installer for.

Users of DMDirc 0.5.6 (or the recent unstable releases) should be prompted by the updater (if enabled) to update to the latest version of DMDirc. Alternatively, you can visit our downloads page to grab the latest version yourself.

With DMDirc 0.6 (finally!) released we are looking forward to our next release, DMDirc 0.6.3. This will include support for SOCKS proxies, improved support for SSL Servers, a nicer looking Preferences dialog, server lists and more.

As always, we welcome bug reports and feature requests on our issue tracker, irc channel or as comments on this post.