OS X Support: Part 2

Posted by Shane McCormack's avatar Shane McCormack on June 13, 2008

As previously mentioned, once Apple released Java6 for OS X I set about updating the scripts we use for building the installers and nightlies so that we could support OS X officially for DMDirc 0.6.

To do this we needed to be able to create a DMG file to distribute it in, and we wanted this to be done by our current build scripts. As you may be aware, we do all of our development on Ubuntu Linux (which we also use on the DMDirc build/web server) so our current build scripts are a bunch of bash scripts that build the various installers (.run files for Linux, and .exes for Windows).

Other projects exist which distribute their cross-platform releases on Linux, OS X and Windows, so I looked at the build processes for both Firefox and Inkscape which both have apple releases. Unfortunately both of these projects appear to use an Apple machine to create the releases. This roughly translated to the following:

	# DMDirc-dmg contains the files we want to put in the dmg
	hdiutil create -volname "DMDirc" -fs HFS+ -srcfolder DMDirc-dmg -format UDRW DMDirc.RW.dmg
	hdiutil attach DMDirc.RW.dmg
	bless -openfolder /Volumes/DMDirc
	hdiutil detach /Volumes/DMDirc
	hdiutil convert DMDirc.RW.dmg -format UDZO -imagekey zlib-level=9 -o DMDirc.dmg

Which, while it does work (and is what we use if the installer is being built on OS X), wasn’t an acceptable solution as it relied on an OS X install.

I then discovered a wiki page which describes a method that works under Linux. After compiling a Linux-compatible version of Apple’s mkhfs program we could now do something along the lines of:

	# DMDirc-dmg contains the files we want to put in the dmg
	SIZE=$((`du -sb DMDirc-dmg | awk '{print $1}'`  + 10))
	if [ ${SIZE} -lt 4194304 ]; then
		echo "Size is less than 4MB"
	dd if=/dev/zero of=DMDirc.img bs=${SIZE} count=1
	mkfs.hfsplus -v 'DMDirc' DMDirc.img
	mkdir DMDirc.img-mounted
	mount DMDirc.img-mounted
	if [ ${MOUNTRES} -ne 0 ]; then
		# Try using full parameters - could be running as root.
		mount -t hfsplus -o loop DMDirc.img DMDirc.img-mounted
	if [ ${MOUNTRES} -ne 0 ]; then
		echo "Unable to mount, need root access or an fstab entry like:"
		echo "${PWD}/DMDirc.img ${PWD}/DMDirc.img-mounted auto users,noauto,loop 0 0"
		exit 1;
	mv -fv $DMDirc-dmg/* DMDirc.img-mounted
	mv -fv DMDirc-dmg/.[A-Za-z]* DMDirc.img-mounted
	umount DMDirc.img-mounted
	mv DMDirc.img DMDirc.dmg

This was an improvement, as images could now be created under Linux, however it still also had lots of problems: