Installer Updates

Posted by Shane McCormack's avatar Shane McCormack on December 24, 2007

Since DMDirc 0.5.1, the Linux and Windows installers have received several major updates.

Firstly, the Linux installer was overhauled to show all of its messages in GUI dialog boxes where possible (using kdialog under KDE or zenity under gnome). This means that users don’t need to be running the installer from a console to see what went wrong. (The messages are still also relayed to the console). This update is part of the DMDirc 0.5.5 release, which should be available soon.

The next major change is that both the Windows and Linux installers are now capable of installing Java, either by using a JRE bundled with the installer or by downloading one from This is a major positive step as it means that it is possible for people who don’t have Java (or have an outdated version) to use DMDirc.

This new functionality is in all the nightly installers from December 24th onwards, comments/bug reports etc are welcome here and on the issue tracker.