Actions: now with added UI

Posted by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith on May 25, 2007

Following on from my previous post, the front-end for actions is just about complete. Here are some preview images:

Actions Manager dialog

The actions manager lists all known actions, sorted into groups (which correspond to directories on the disk).

Editing an action: tab 1

The “general” tab of the actions editor allows you to select which triggers the action responds to, as well as specifying its friendly name.

Editing an action: tab 2

The “conditions” tab allows you to specify conditions for the action. The pencil icon brings up the condition editor for that condition (see next image), while the cross button deletes the corresponding condition.

Editing an action: conditions

The conditions editor allows you to add or modify an action condition. Once you select an argument, the components list is updated to contain only the applicable components, and when you select a component the comparison list is updated similarly.

Editing an action: tab 3

Finally, the response tab allows you to specify how the client should respond if this action is triggered. The commands are executed as though you typed them in the window that triggered the event.