Meet the developers

Posted by Chris Smith's avatar Chris Smith on May 3, 2007

This is a brief introduction to DMDirc’s developers.

I’m Chris, aka MD87. I’m the “core” developer of DMDirc, which means I’m responsible for most of the back-end logic, handling data storage, and a small mountain of others things. I’m also apparently the best writer, so I’ll probably be the one who posts most to this blog.

Next up, we have Shane, aka Dataforce. He’s primarily in charge of the IRC Parser (the code that interfaces between the client and the IRC server), but is also working on the plugins system, and writing the logging plugin. You can identity Shane’s code by the length of lines and the number of code conventions it breaks (if there are >300 char lines, and it breaks every convention you can think of, it’s probably his).

Last but not least, there’s Greg, aka Greboid. He’s in charge of the client user interface, and can often be found complaining on IRC about problems he’s having with it (his latest favourite subject is the TextPane rewrite we have scheduled for 0.4).

So, that’s us. We can all be found on IRC, in #DMDirc on Quakenet ( among other places. We can also be contacted via e-mail by prepending our name (as above) to